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24 January 2022

Finding Hope in the Impossible; New Year without Sam

With the start of the new year, and a very busy few months I thought it was time to give people another update. I am sorry that I have been quiet of late. I had big plans for the start of the new year. But I will be fully honest, the start of the new year has hit me hard. It has, in a nutshell, b...

9 January 2022

Tori's Woodland Adventures.....Exciting Collaborations Coming!

Sam’s Superheroes had a very exciting meeting yesterday with the amazing Tori’s Woodland Adventures located down Radbourne Lane, Mickleover. We are super excited to say we are going to be collaborating on a few activities this year, which we cannot wait to tell you about! They all hav...

18 December 2021

Christmas Carol Concert Programme

Click below to access the carol programme, which contains the order of service, carol words and an activity pack at the end for the children!

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